About Us

Liberal Party of India is a people's party committed to develop a just, fair and cultured society which stands for fairness, nondiscrimination, liberty including, free trade, and reform of the state and prevailing political culture.
  • Reform the State - i.e. restructure the judiciary, bureaucracy and the police.
  • Eliminate the present reservation system and replace it by implementing affirmative action for the needy, regardless of cast, religion or community.
  • Fiercely protect and preserve citizen liberty and freedoms to secure equal opportunity and nondiscrimination.
  • Quality healthcare and education to be made available to all citizens.
  • Focus on employment led economic growth and development.
  • Strengthening rural development and enhancing agricultural productivity/income.
  • Preserving the environment and enhancing the green cover.
  • Use indifference as a tool to destroy cast, communal and other historical divisions in society.
  • Ensuring true innerparty democracy.