Working Culture

This section seeks to provide an overview for the internal functioning of the party, the purpose of which is to share a sense for what party members might expect once they join the party.

  • What members might expect immediately on joining
  • Fill the form, pay membership fees and join as member

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    Select the manner of contributions - i.e. as a general volunteer, research, assistance in secretariat, fund raising, policy making etc.

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    • Someone within the party will contact in 14 days - if not, please intimate the party over email
    • You would be invited for the party discussion forums
    • Expect to get emails/text messages of planned party meetings and try to participate.
    • Each meeting will have a specific agenda and anticipated time frame to conclude discussions.
    • Anyone unable to speak due to paucity of time can provide written inputs.
    • Minutes of the meeting to be made and kept in the party files (later to be put on party intranet) unless there is a specific decision not to make any discussion or decision public.
    • Implementation of discussions to be monitored by executive committee and party unit.
    • Expect to receive updates on implementation of decisions.
    • Please provide feedback on the party's intranet.